The Chillout Tent: my home away from home

I come to work, get caffeinated, say sup to my people, check e-mails, connect to the server, start my project for the day, and tune-in to the Chillout Tent

The Chillout Tent is my room of choice on a social DJ site Dubtrack.FM. I've been involved in this type of social interaction for few years now. First it was via TurnTable.FM and then via Plug.DJ. Both are R.I.P. The current scaled down service has amazing UI and UX is impeccable. I don't even miss the dancing avatars from the dead venues.

If you like quality Downtempo, Trip Hop, Nujazz, and Psychill stop by and chill with us. We are: Spikey (creator), spiraled4evar (me), shadeofroses, FunPolice, velvetjones, ZenDada, and DeforestKelly. Our beats are on during regular work hours. 

Music fuels my mind and keeps my creative vibe alive.